Together we can make a change


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canvassing for change

 Getting elected to office is not a "one person" job.  It takes the help of many volunteers to win an election. 

There are excellent candidates across the Democratic Party Line, starting with Assemblymen Andrew Zwicker and Roy Frieman.  In the County races we have Dominck Puzio for Sheriff and Cullen McAuliffe for Freeholder.    I am thrilled to be running for Raritan Township Committee and proud to be in the company of such fine candidates. .

We need your help

Candidates across the entire county are working together as one, to maximize voter contact for the General Election of 2019.  An hour that you spend making a phone call or knocking on a door could make the difference in the outcome of the election. 

Please contact Lois to let her know when you can help canvas door to door or make phone calls.  Lawn signs are also available and we need people to help deliver them.   All volunteers are appreciated and welcome to help us WIN!


Every Saturday  

11AM - 5PM

Every Sunday 

12PM - 5PM

Meet at the Zarish Residence

153 Voorhees Corner Rd

Flemington, NJ

For info or RSVP contact Lois at

908 782-3940 or

nj general election - november 5th