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Traffic Stinks


SMART growth


One of the major issues facing the residents of Raritan Township is uncontrolled growth. In the year 2000 the population in Raritan Township was 19,809. 

By 2010 that number had ballooned to 22,185 and remains there today. That amounts to 589.7 people per square mile. Look what population growth has done to our roads and the traffic on Route 202 and Route 31.

Tired of sitting in traffic?    Vote for “smart growth”.

We need development but we need smart development. We need growth but we need smart growth. We need someone to say enough is enough. 

When elected to the Township Committee I will be your voice to ensure the Committee develops a realistic plan for growth and development, balancing economic prosperity with environmental sustainability.  

Together, you and I will work to control growth, reduce traffic jams, maintain the roads and keep them in good condition.


traffic stinks

open space


In 2016 the Raritan Township Committee voted to reduce the township's open space tax again, this time by 66-percent over the next five years. Under the plan, taxes would drop gradually each year. It would stay at 1.5 cents per $100 valuation in 2017 and reach .5 cents by 2021, saving the average tax payer $40 a year.

Committeeman Lou Reiner, a supporter of the plan, said it's time to reduce the tax because "we've reached our peak" in land preservation. Tell that to the Open Space Committee which has a backlog of farms, extensions of hiking trails, and environmentally sensitive parcels that they’ve targeted for purchase.

Committeeman Reiner also said that there is only 10% of land left to preserve and most of it involves slopes and other terrain where no one would want to build. If there is only 10% left and it is land no one will build on why do we keep approving development projects? If land can’t be built on, we need to designate the land as open space to guarantee it won’t be built on and we need to do it while the township still has open space money. We won’t have any in two years. 

As residents we all would like a cut in taxes but at what price? When elected to the Raritan Township Committee I will be your voice and support a strong open space program.



There is a saying.... "If you always do what you've always done, you will always get what you've always got."

For too long Raritan Township has gotten one sided government with only the Republican Party representing the Township residents.  

Our Township is operating without a system of "checks and balance" in place with a one sided political party calling all the shots. There are many disadvantages to a one party rule and families have been coping as best as we can, as a result.

The biggest disadvantage with a one party system is that those in charge are out of touch with the people they are supposed to serve. Because there are  no opposing thoughts or challenging opinions, the powers that be implement their vision of what they believe our community should look like and how we should live.

As your representative on Township Committee, I will be your voice and stand up for the rights of every resident, not just a chosen few. 


League of women voters - nj

The League of Women Voters-NJ sent a questionnaire to candidates asking them to address issues impacting their municipality.

I am happy to share my responses and appreciate the forum the LWV has provided to the candidates in this election.